Monday, March 5, 2012

An overdue update

Wanted to let everyone know where we are in the process of bringing home our sweet Sam....
-We recieved our Visas in the mail on Saturday
-Our Article 5 (the last paper we need) should be issued in the next few weeks
-We are hoping to recieve our invitation to travel by the beginning of April and then it is normally 2-3 weeks from that point that we will travel

We so excited that we are nearing the end of this journey. We continue to marvel at Gods faithful provision during each and every step of this journey.
We are working to get things ready for our son to come home....and rejoicing in the fact that we will soon be a family together.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement...we are honored that each of you have chosen to be a part of this with us.

Please pray that the paperwork and travel dates would come quickly...please pray that we would sell our car to help pay for the last part of the adoption costs.

Above all else, pray that God would be glorified in this journey and that we would continue to challenge others to become involved in the lives of orphans.

God is Good,
Bethany and all

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  1. I am praying! The end of your journey, and the beginning of the new one!