Monday, January 24, 2011


The biggest question Danny and I get after we tell people about our decision to adopt is Why?
         - Why do you want to adopt when you can have kids of your own?
And the answer is simple...because we want to be obedient...
We are not adopting because it is the "cool" thing to do (although we do think it is a wonderful thing).
We are not adoptiong simply because we want to have more children (although we can't wait to expand our family).
We are not adopting because we want people to tell us what a great thing it is we are doing.

We ARE adopting because we want to be obedient to what we feel God is calling us to do...and yes we are both aware that what we are doing is not the norm and we are okay with that. We pray daily that our decision will bring glory and honor to the Lord.
Please continue to pray for us..that our decisions would be based on our desire to be obedient and not a result of our fears of not knowing the hows and wheres of things. We pray that our journey will be an encouragment to others..that they will be challenged to make a difference for the Kingdom in the lives of the fatherless. To God be the Glory!!!

On a different note...the interviews went great...we appreciate all the prayers. We had our home visit last Thursday and it also went well (in fact it was by far the easiest part of this whole process to date). We are just waiting for the paperwork to be typed up, submitted, and approved and then we will move on to collecting all our paperwork for the dossier.

We appreciate all the prayers and encouragment...we are so thankful for each of you.
God is Good,

Thursday, January 6, 2011

An Update

Happy New Year!!! Danny and I have already started praying about how God would use us this year to glorify Him and make a difference for the Kingdom.

Adoption Update: We recieved several monetary gifts to put towards our adoption fund over Christmas (one that was totally unexpected) and have been very humbled and blessed by the generousity of others. It is so exciting to watch that account grow and know that we are moving one step closer to getting our child. Yesterday we got a call from the agency letting us know that our interviews (the next step in the homestudy process) were scheduled for NEXT week...we are thrilled that it is so quick. Tuesday we will have our couples interview and I will have my individual interview and then Wednesday Danny will go back for his individual one. Please pray that they will go well and we would be able to communciate clearly the desire of our hearts. We are so thankful for each and everyone of you..for your prayers as well as your willingness to journey alongside of us. Be looking for our t-shirt designs (this will be our next fundraiser)..they should be ready soon.
God is Good..All the Time!!!
Bethany and all